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  • Tom Shields, Gillian Tait 111 Places Glasgow That You Shouldn't Miss

    Glasgow was once known as the Second City of the British Empire – the powerhouse of the industrial revolution, a great port and merchant city whose architectural and cultural magnificence hid a darker side of urban poverty and squalor. Today the heavy industry is long gone, and 21st-century Glasgow is comfortable in its role as a smaller, cleaner, greener city, a vibrant and stylish centre for the arts and learning, now even more friendly and culturally diverse.

    With a wealth of insider’s local knowledge and engaging anecdotes, 111 Places in Glasgow that you Shouldn’t Miss will guide you round a huge variety of intriguing sights, unique venues and surprising corners of this great city, helping you understand how the people made Glasgow and how Glasgow made its people.


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  • Gillian Tait 111 Places in Edinburgh That You Shouldn't Miss

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    Edinburgh is rightly celebrated for its famous historical and cultural attractions. But for the discerning visitor it has much more to offer away from the well-worn tourist trail. This book takes you to hidden corners and secret sights in this city of contrasts, exploring fascinating locations unknown even to most residents, and revealing unexpected aspects of some familiar local landmarks. Marvel at a unique underground temple hewn out of the living rock; learn how a world-famous illusionist came to be buried here – with his dog; find out why the city council once commissioned an enormous electric blanket; look out for the ordinary Edinburgh post box with an explosive history. Discover the human stories behind a wide range of places, both exceptional and commonplace, bringing to life the greatly varied cityscape where people have been leaving their mark for at least 5,000 years.


  • Yvonne Asmussen Fördewölfe

    Küsten Krimi

    Im Clubhaus der »Wizards of Doom« stirbt ein Fotograf unter mysteriösen Umständen. Die Polizei findet am Tatort ein Foto, auf dem ein Mord zu sehen ist, und ermittelt im Kreis der Wizards. Die junge Flensburger Ärztin Christina Martens und ihr Lebensgefährte Neil »Duke« McKinnley sind von der Unschuld der Rocker überzeugt. Die Spuren führen sie bis nach Glasgow – und sie müssen feststellen, dass die wahren Täter vor nichts zurückschrecken.



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