111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn't Miss


Alexia Amvrazi, Diana Farr Louis, Diane Shugart

111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn't Miss

Alexia Amvrazi, Diana Farr Louis, Diane Shugart

111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn't Miss

Travel Guide

Contains numerous photos by Ioannis Varouchakis


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Athens can be noisy and crowded and confusing, but it’s spontaneous and always surprising. A cable ride up Lykavittos rewards with an incredible panorama but veer off the track to discover the hill’s secret links to Parnitha. The beauty of Kaisariani Monastery’s architecture is matched by the ‘organised wilderness’ of its incredible gardens. Ancient relics, great and small, mirror a glorious past that remains an example to the world, but they are only the start of what’s great about Athens today. There are the mountains that surround it, busy with climbers, runners and picnic-lovers during the weekends. The ubiquitous graffiti, some admirable, some abhorrent, that reveal what’s bugging the Athenians’ psyche. Bars, cafés and restaurants thronged with broke Greeks who refuse to stay inside. Stores where you can find vendors as venerable as their antiques and others that are up to date with the edgiest demands. And many surprising, sometimes downright dark, dank and mysterious pockets. Athens is changing day by day. This book will take you to places that are beyond touristy or trendy; whether hundreds of years old or contemporary, their tales are timeless.


  • Alexia Amvrazi

    Alexia Amvrazi is a freelance writer who has travelled far and wide around the world and throughout Greece. She is constantly looking out for the beauty, purpose and potential in people and places and is excited first and foremost by innovation, individuality, creative force and joie de vivre. For over two decades her career has taken her into the worlds of television, radio, print and online media, corresponding for Britain's BBC, Italy's RAI, Denmark's DR, The Wall St Journal Europe, and in Greece working full time for organisations like Kathimerini S.A, The Athens News, and presenting for the municipal Athens International Radio. On the side she is also the editor of the holistic wellness website imverywellthankyou.com that showcases the alternative health scene in Greece.

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  • Diana Farr Louis

    Diana Farr Louis is an American food and travel writer who has lived in Athens since 1972. She has written or contributed to numerous guide books, a photo album, Secrets of the Greek Islands, and such websites as Elizabeth Boleman Herring’s www.greecetraveler.com and Matt Barrett’s www.greektravel.com Her ten-year collaboration with The Athens News resulted in two column collections, Athens and Beyond, 30 Day Trips and Weekends, and Travels in Northern Greece. Wearing her food hat, she has written for magazines like Odyssey, Greece Is, Greek Gourmet Traveler, The Art of Eating. She is the author of two cookbooks, Prospero’s Kitchen, Mediterranean Cooking of the Ionian Islands from Corfu to Kythera (with June Marinos), and Feasting and Fasting in Crete, co-editor of A Taste of Greece, and a regular contributor to www.culinarybackstreets.com

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  • Diane Shugart

    Diane Shugart, author of Athens By Neighborhood and former editor of Odyssey magazine, writes widely on Greek politics and culture. She is currently researching a book on cultural heritage and civil war.

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